My Week Ahead 25th May to 31st May 2015

Tuesday 26th May Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Wednesday 27th May Suffolk Show at Trinity Park

Thursday 28th May 6.30pm South West Area Committee at Stoke Green Baptist Church

This week the Mayor making ceremony wasn’t the usual Labour love in that we are accustomed to in Ipswich. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that though the author of the dRoss Blog denies it on twitter, Ipswich Labour are at war with each other. Dame Bryony waxing lyrical about Captain Mainwaring followed by his announcement that the portfolio holders could not be announced like they usually are at the annual Council meeting was comedy gold to anyone who wasn’t of Ipswich Labour. It is clear that there is much infighting amongst the comrades.

Also this week was the memorial service for Matthew Percy. It was a very nice service and showed what a caring, political activist he was much respected by a wide range of people.

This week is the Suffolk Show. I guess Ipswich Labour won’t be interested in it because it is primarily an agricultural show and Labour hate the rural sector. As a matter of fact they hate anything to do with the countryside, hence they talk about Suffolk Tories living in leafy villages. As the Conservative party is the One Nation Party, the Suffolk Show is of interest to us.

Also this week is the South West Area Committee. I have submitted a question by Email, giving them time to formulate a comprehensive reply.

I am finishing this post with a quote.

“The worst kind of politics is the politics of judgement. Sadly it is the easiest form of politics to practice.”

:- Matthew Percy

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