Stupid Things Alasdair Ross has said this Week

Alasdair has been proliferant on twiter this week saying lots of stupid things. First there was this retweet

This is stupid because Food Banks started under the last Labour government and have become more prevalent due to the last coalition government replacing vouchers to be spent in supermarkets with referrals to food banks.

What initially triggered me to write this post was a display of staggering hypocrisy. After assaulting three people at the election count, the author of the dRoss Blog has decided to pretend to have the moral high ground, launching a smear campaign against me subtly without naming me.

This is stupid because, as far as I know, I haven’t written anything that isn’t true. Furthermore, Ipswich Labour are so shambolic at the moment that they don’t even know what the current portfolio roles are. If they do, why weren’t they announced last week?

Then Alasdair tweeted this

This is stupid because after years of writing nonsense about the Suffolk Tories not understanding Ipswich even though the council offices are in Ipswich and most of the staff live in Ipswich, any issue if it existed (which it didn’t) has been resolved. But Ipswich Labour can only be negative.

Then the author of the dRoss Blog decided to continue his uncalled for attacks on the author of Ipswich Labour’s favourite blog.

I like Quaid Combstock’s reply

Quaid Combstock ‏@quaidcombstock May 22

@StokeParkCllr @AlasdairRoss @ICA_Suffolk business is to members concerns only – I can get you a membership form of you wish?

I do wish the leader of Ipswich Labour could control his councillors so they don’t push people and assault opposition activists at an election count.

Then there was this

Alasdair Ross ‏@AlasdairRoss May 22

@timrollpickerin @HouseofTwits @ElectoralCommUK lies on blogs and leaflets can be very costly!

This triggered another great response by Quaid Combstock

and considering it followed this retweet.

Remember all those leaflets Ipswich Labour put out claiming they were going to save libraries? How many libraries did Ipswich Labour save? Zero! The Suffolk Tories saved all libraries with their brilliant innovation.

Then Alasdair tweeted this.

This is stupid because I’m quite sure that violently pushing people at an election count is not acceptable conduct for a sitting councillor.

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