An Email from Hattie

Last week I received an Email from Hattie Harperson.

It starts

I want you to have your say in Labour’s upcoming Leader and Deputy Leadership elections.

Personally I don’t think Ed MiliCluskey should have resigned. He was absolutely brilliant and after hearing David Miliband speak after the election, it was clear that Len McCluskey picked the right brother. It’s a shame Ed Balls lost his seat. He could have been even better than Ed Miliband. I think Labour should pick Diane Abbot this time because she would make them unelectable for the next century.

The Email continued

The next Labour leader will lead the fightback against the Tories and define Labour’s future.

Sorry Hattie but, Labour hasn’t got any future.

Who we choose is a crucial decision — and one that I want you to be involved in making.

Sounds good but the trouble is, Len has already chosen who it is.

The Email then asks for some money as is the tradition of these Emails.

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