The Tribalism of Ipswich Labour

On BBC politics this morning Heidi Allen, Conservative MP for South Cambridgeshire and Lewis Herbert, Leader of Cambridge City Council talked about how savings have been made through merging certain services between Conservative controlled South Cambridgeshire council and Labour controlled Cambridge City Council.

They asked the Labour leader of Ipswich Borough council, David Ellesmere about possible merging and he said it was impracticable.

Why would Ipswich Labour find merging services with neighbouring authorities impracticable? It is because merging with neighbouring authorities is not in the interests of Ipswich Labour. You see, Ipswich Labour are so tribal that everything they do is in the interests of their political tribe. As it is, Ipswich Labour can provide shabby services while blaming the Tories at county or national level and that is what they do. Furthermore, they don’t want to save money because they are so Labour that spending other peoples money is the thing they absolutely adore doing.

Another reason Ipswich Labour don’t want to merge services is because such cooperation would lead to it being obvious that the borough boundaries are stupid and there is a need for some kind of unitary authority for the greater Ipswich area. Ipswich Labour do not want a unitary authority because they see Ipswich as their personal fiefdom and they want it’s stupid boundaries and ridiculously gerrymandered ward boundaries to stay to protect their biased political monopoly. Not merging helps with the doughnutting.

Also Ipswich Labour are so ideologically stuck in the 1970’s.

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