Why I have decided to block Alasdair Ross on Twitter

I have decided to add the author of the dRoss Blog to my blocked list on twitter. Now obviously Alasdair isn’t as unpleasant as Angela Wiltshire and Luke Cresswell, but he is deeply unpleasant nevertheless. Couple this with the hypocrisy he demonstrates.(A recent example of this is tweeting about what football team David Cameron supports three tweets after having a go at me for mentioning which football team a local Labour councillor supports) It has to be said that Alasdair with his constant anti Tory diatribe is an incessant bore. I know Labour have absolutely nothing to offer, but why the constant attacks on various Tories?

The recent post on his lousy blog attacking me absolutely stank of hypocrisy. He accuses me of attacking someone with a sick relative when Alasdair had nothing to say when some of his odious comrades in South Suffolk launched a coordinated, vicious attack on me while my mother was dying. Furthermore, many of us heard what Alasdair Ross muttered under his breath as he started to walk down the stairs as he saw Ben Gummer talking to Paul Geater.

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2 Responses to Why I have decided to block Alasdair Ross on Twitter

  1. Julie says:

    Labour are so horrible. What was it he said?

  2. Clair and John Newton says:

    Head Up Kevin. Alasdair will be yesterday’s man in 12 months time.

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