So UKIP want us to have an immigration policy like Australia’s do they?


A two-week window for surgery for his specific type of fracture has passed and the 11-year-old Iranian boy is in severe pain, according to Doctors for Refugees.

The case comes as doctors at the Australian Medical Association national conference in Brisbane this weekend vowed to ramp up a campaign against new federal laws that prevent them from blowing the whistle on failures in detention centre health care.

More here.

So UKIP want us to have an immigration policy like Australia’s? Well it appears so and I have mentioned this case to a few Kippers. Their hilariously risible defence involved calling me a Leftie Europhile.

There is a complete lack of critical thought. It’s like because Australia is in the Commonwealth, their immigration system must be good. I don’t see anything good about a points system where you let in the people with talent and leave the people you don’t want be eaten by sharks. It’s also impossible to do because we only have 30 miles between us and where a lot of refugees and asylum seekers are coming from.

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