Ipswich Town Centre

The Buttermarket cinema proposal is the right proposal for the town centre. For our town centre to thrive we need more than just shops. There has to be a balance made with a mix of retail, leisure and residential facilities within our town centre for it to thrive.

Shopping centres alone can not sustain our town centre in this day and age. The reason town centres across Britain are struggling is because of a series of planning decisions over decades. The first mistake was to demolish houses in town centres and move residents to the new housing estates away from the town centre. Then the emphasis was on having town centres as retail hubs. Finally came the out of town retail parks on the outskirts with free parking.

One way to encourage people to use town centre facilities is to have people living where the facilities are. This means encouraging people to live in the town centre rather than on the outskirts of town. An added bonus of this is that you can have properties of the highest council tax band in the town centre, meaning that people across the town pay less council tax. To make the town centre a nice place to live, you also provide a range of leisure activities and a vibrant retail hub.

So Buttermarket cinema proposal is the right proposal for the Buttermarket Centre to encourage overall town centre regeneration.

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