London Road

The Corn Exchange in Ipswich last night held a special preview of the film, London Road,

Here the Morning Ipswich Star informs us that script writer Alecky Blythe and composer Adam Cork were present as Ipswich residents, and the mayor of Ipswich Glen Chisholm took an exclusive look at the film. The picture indicates that by ‘Ipswich Residents’ the Star means ‘London Road residents and Labour councillors’

I understand that residents of London Road are happy with the production. Though I must say that the residents of London Road can not speak for everybody in the Ipswich West End. It must also be understood that prior to the murders there were a number of issues effecting the Ipswich West End that were not being addressed due to a lack of political will by all local politicians at the time.

The murders of the five prostitutes caused more shock in the rest of the town and created the political will to confront various issues that effected the area by putting the town in a bad light around the world. Most of us around here were worried about leaving the house, not because of the fear of being attacked, but the fear of ending up on the Six O’Clock News. The thing that most of us found the most difficult was dealing with the media who had descended on our community. After the charging of Steve Wright, their was the political will to deal with the issues and they were dealt with by the then Conservative/Liberal Democrat administration while our Labour councillors tried to claim credit for them.

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1 Response to London Road

  1. Katie Spearman says:

    Only you could turn a rubbish play into an attack against Labour councillors

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