Ikea coming to Norwich

As Ipswich Labour carry on their policy of managed decline, Mustard City is getting an Ikea.

From here.

Sweet Briar Retail Park, off the outer ring road, has been identified as the location for what would be an experimental type of store for the company.

At 19,000 square feet, the store, in the unit currently occupied by Currys/PC World, would be much smaller than the majority of Ikea’s current outlets, with bosses describing it as a “test” of a new retail format.

Why have Ikea picked the city of Dumpling County rather than the county town of Suffolk? The Greater Ipswich population is larger than the Norwich population. Norwich is an insignificant, glorified market town in the middle of nowhere compared to the ancient port, centre of a technology hub, site of the most listed buildings in East Anglia showing it’s past importance and great place to live and set up a business that is Ipswich. So why have Ikea chosen that place up the road? The only explanation is that it has got out that Ipswich Labour are against any outside investment coming to Ipswich.

This headline says it all.

The answer to the headline is “Nothing with this lousy Labour administration.

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