Ipswich Labour: Arrogant and in Disaray

There is so much dissension amongst the comrades of Ipswich Labour that certain members never miss an opportunity to spill the beans. Our intelligence sources within the local Labour party inform us that their is a great dispute between them about the stupid decision to buy the former sugar beet site. Also there are factions who either want the portfolio holder for economic decline development to be replaced or want Carole Jones to keep the post.

Our sources are also telling us some rather amusing stories about their ill fated general election campaign. We have been informed that a prominent Labour MP came to Ipswich and much to this MP’s bemusement, David Ellesmere insisted that he came with him to see the room that they had booked up for his victory party.

We have also been informed that some members of Ipswich Labour are delighted that David Ellesmere has been kicked out of his office. David Ellesmere was the first leader of the council who insisted on having his own personal office in Grafton House. We have been informed that since the general election, the officers insisted that he vacated it so that they can use it for something useful.

We have yet to hear about how the victory party went but as their is so much resentment between the comrades, we can be sure that we will find out.

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2 Responses to Ipswich Labour: Arrogant and in Disaray

  1. Clair and John Newton says:

    I feel for David Ellesmere. If he feels like he has more councillors than he can handle, I’m sure the Conservatives will be more than happy to take some off his hands.

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