Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader

The best person to lead the Labour party is undoubtedly Jeremy Corbyn. To get on the ballot he needs to find 35 supporters in Westminster. It is clear that Labour’s grass root members and supporters who have paid £3.00 to elect a Labour leader want him over anybody else. Jeremy Corbyn is the only person who could be a better Labour leader than the brilliant Ed Miliband was. His involvement with the People’s Assembly for National Bankruptcy against Austerity makes him absolutely ideal. The number of Labour activists who tweeted the #BankruptBritainNow hashtag show just how much they want our economy destroyed and only the policies of someone like Jeremy Corbyn could do that. He has great support on the Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader Facebook page and many former Labour Party members have said that they would rejoin the party if he became leader.

If Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t get on the ballot by not getting 35 supporters it will be because the parliamentary Labour party has contempt for the majority of it’s members and it hates democracy. It would be a tragedy if he wasn’t able to stand for the leadership. He would undoubtedly be the best Labour leader ever.

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