David Ellesmere’s Latest Star Column

In today’s Morning Ipswich Star, Captain Mainwaring has gone on an anti Tory rant about the NHS. He starts by speaking very badly about our NHS. As a matter of fact, it is so negative that some on the left may find it blasphemous towards our most sacred and holy NHS. The defeated general election candidate rants about A&E targets not being met. The thing about A&E targets which were brought in by the last Labour government though, is the fact that they are inappropriate for such a service. The point of the NHS is that it provides free healthcare at the point of need, based on need. Therefore, if there is a motorway pile up somewhere in the country, those with the most severe injuries will be seen first. Because emergencies may occur at any time, targets can not be met all the time and therefore the statistics are merely an apparatus to be politically manipulated to make them look good or bad for the purpose of bogus political point scoring.

The fact that Ipswich A&E hospital has been rated as outstanding as I reported here isn’t mentioned.

The Morning Ipswich Star now refer to him as the leader of Ipswich Borough Council. Quite what the NHS has to do with the council is beyond me.

The article end with David Ellesmere encouraging people to see the Constable’s in Christchurch Mansion.

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