The Nigel Farage Personality Cult

Godfrey Bloom has said that Nigel Farage Runs Ukip Like Stalin. He said “Watching Suzanne Evans it was a bit like watching a 1938 politburo member criticising Joe Stalin, I don’t know where she was going with that,” More here. Godfrey Bloom also said that schism is inevitable. It really does seem to be the case. UKIP’s most senior woman was facing the sack after she told the BBC’s Daily Politics that Nigel Farage was perceived as “very divisive”. Deputy chairwoman Suzanne Evans was then dropped as a party spokesman and officials in the party were told to have no further contact with her. You just don’t mess with the politburo general secretary who has turned UKIP into a weird personality cult. Because the sacking of Suzanne Evans was doing damage to the main object of the personality cult that is UKIP, it appears that she was unsacked as Guido reports here.

So we have had the leader resign and then unresign and then we have had someone sacked and unsacked. But schism is inevitable between the Farage personality cult and the Carswell personality cult. This has already happened in Tendering District with two distinct UKIP factions on the council who are refusing to work with each other.

In Chesterfield a member of the Farage personality cult gave up her job to campaign for her hero and after UKIP had the kind of election result that I predicted, she has responded by getting a massive tattoo of Nigel Farage on her arm. More here. But the fun thing is it looks more like the Prime Minister of Russia.
nigel Farage Clearly the wheel is still turning but the hamster is long dead. Still, at least she’s ashamed of voting Labour in the past. She is one of many working class Labour voters who have worked out that Labour couldn’t care less about the working class and only care about themselves. But UKIP only speak about what the working class are concerned about rather than offer workable solutions to our concerns. But this tattoo is further evidence of the fact that UKIP is not a serious party but merely a wierd personality cult

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2 Responses to The Nigel Farage Personality Cult

  1. Jim P says:

    Looking back at the news footage from 8th May, Ed Miliband took responsibility for his party’s failure and resigned. Nick Clegg did the same. Farage said Look, I’ve just resigned from UKIP, but in reality he had not yet done so, and when he did meet his executive, he failed to resign.
    So you can’t really believe a single word or email that comes out of Mssr Farage’s party.

  2. Ben Redsell says:

    That photo of Medvedev bears a startling similarity to George Osborne. Has anyone seen the First Secretary of State and Second Lord of the Treasury, Her Majesty’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Right Honourable George Osborne Member of Parliament Privy Councillor in the same room as the pretentious Russian ex President?

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