My week ahead, 22 – 28 June 2015

Monday 22 June – Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Thursday 24 June – Campaigning in Gipping Ward

Saturday 27 June – Campaigning in Ipswich

Sunday 28th June, Lark in the Park in Gyppeswyk Park

This Sunday is the Lark in the Park organised by the Chantry Residents Association. More information of the event can be found here. We don’t know if any of our local Labour councillors are going to be there, but we understand that the King of Gipping shall be in attendance.

This past week was the Executive meeting where Ipswich Labour voted to bring in a discriminatory policy in regards to solar panels being fitted on some council houses but not others. If the tenant has not got a south facing roof they will be discriminated against.

Also this past week a lot of hard left, democracy hating, economically illiterate individuals had a march through London protesting against the will of the people and the continuation of post Labour Government damage limitation measures. They are most upset that the people of this country rejected the path to economic ruin and high unemployment, extreme poverty and a decrease in living standards for all. They were treated to a number of nonsensical speeches by people who clearly didn’t understand economics or the notion that money doesn’t grow on trees.

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2 Responses to My week ahead, 22 – 28 June 2015

  1. max says:

    The Tories planned to put panels on the exact same roofs five years ago! That was ok I suppose?

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