38 Degrees Saddest petition Ever

38 Degrees have really excelled themselves this time.

From here.

Harriet Harman must force an enquiry into this General election result. We are convinced it was rigged.

But rigged or not, the election was won on misinformation. And it needs to be sorted.

Why are the left such bad losers?

It continues

Why is this important?

One minute the BBC TV media were stating that it was neck and neck between Labour and the Tory’s, the next minute the Tory’s were zooming…That cannot be right ?

First of all the polling companies herded their results to be safe and lied to the public. Secondly, the media wanted a hung parliament so they could talk about back room deals and coalition rifts, instead of things people are actually bothered about.

Then it finishes with this

Also the Lib-Dems were crushed, why werent the Tory’s equally so ?

Because the Lib Dems were crushed by the Tories.

If it was so unlikely why did Labour MP Frank Field put a £50 bet on a Tory majority? story about that here.

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4 Responses to 38 Degrees Saddest petition Ever

  1. Sometimes you have to take it on the chin, learn from it and crack on anyone still moaning at this point thinking an Election was rigged are just plain bonkers

  2. Ben Redsell says:

    Kevin didn’t I see you smuggling hundreds of ballot boxes into the back of the Corn Exchange? No, seriously, what a lot of old tripe from 38 degrees. Who was it who said if you don’t like the result change the electorate? Stalin or Sturgeon?

    • Blue Ed says:

      Did not Thanet UKIP feel that the general election result was rigged? They are so dis-organised, their activists failed to realise that (although winning the district council), the Parliamentary area is different from the district council area. They incorrectly assumed that they were exactly the same and therefore the results would match.

      • Ben Redsell says:

        I think their point was that they had won the plurality of votes in those wards that made up the Thanet South constituency. They failed to conceive that a well informed electorate might vote one way at local councils and a different way at General Election – perhaps Labour council voters supporting Craig Mackinlay to stop Farage.

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