Angry Fox in Cambridgeshire

This story is to funny not to share Here Cambridge News reports

A rogue fox trapped eight people inside a sports club for more than three hours as it reportedly ‘stalked’ them from the car park.

The animal appeared when one man went outside for a cigarette around 10pm and ran at him and sent him retreating back inside.

He expected the animal to wander off but instead it waited at the main door – preventing anyone else from going outside.

When people attempted to leave through another door at the Alconbury Sports and Social Club in Cambridgeshire the fox ran to that instead and threatened them.

Chairman Bruce Staines ventured outside and tried to scare the fox away – only to get chased by it.

One woman attempted to distract it with food so the others could escape and was bitten on the hand.

Another man fell off his bicycle as he was chased by the animal and lost his glasses in the process.

Club members ended up inside the building and watched the fox on the CCTV system as it stalked outside.

The local pest controller was called but when he tried to approach the animal it “went for him” and chased him back to his car.

The animal was eventually caught and destroyed.

Mr Staines said he “tweaked his groin” trying to get away from the marauding animal and back to the safety of the club.

He said he had “never seen anything like it”.

He said: “None of us could get out. When we tried to use a side door, the fox heard and came haring round there.

“Foxes can look very sweet, but as a family-orientated club we had real concerns about this rather vicious animal.

“We have hundreds of children playing in our leagues here.”

He said the pest controller suggested the fox may have been an urban animal, which somehow found itself in the middle of the countryside.

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2 Responses to Angry Fox in Cambridgeshire

  1. Jim P says:

    (Spoiler Alert for Jurassic World)…

    Did the fox watch the end of “Jurassic World” when one of the raptors took on human characteristics and almost winked at the main hero and said “I’m a good dinosaur after all, since you trained me so well. l’ll sort out the evil dinosaur for you & give you a few extra seconds to RUN !”.

  2. Kevin Algar says:

    Hunt Saboteurs are now informing us that this story was made up by the pro hunting lobby to smear the good reputation of foxes. I kid you not.

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