Ipswich Labour at War!

There is so much dissension amongst the comrades of Ipswich Labour that they are only to willing to tell their favourite blogger of things. We have been informed that Bryony Rudkin was made deputy leader of the Borough group, not only to persuade her to stop her leadership challenge on David Ellesmere, but also to appease the county group amongst Labour borough councillors. Apparently, there has been a big bust up between Labour county councillors and Labour borough councillors. Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger has been informed that County Councillors for Labour are not happy with the way Captain Mainwaring is ruining the borough.

It is interesting to note that Bryony Rudkin is the only county councillor on the Ipswich Labour front bench. Sandy Martin stood down from the borough council a couple of years ago and all other county councillors for Labour are mere lobby fodder on the borough. So there has probably been some disagreement amongst the comrades for some time. But now it is at fever pitch.

Naturally the buying of the sugar beet site is one of the things they are in disagreement about. Some believe that Ellesmere logic stipulates that by buying lots of property, Ipswich Labour can pretend that Ipswich Borough Council is a proper council that deals with important things instead of just dog mess and wheelie bins. After running the county council under Bryony’s leadership, the county councillors for Labour appear to find Captain Mainwarings pompous, sense of self importance rather pathetic.

Ipswich Labour are making such a pigs ear when it comes to economic development that local businesses go to the county Tories for help. Naturally, the county councillors for Labour are aware of this and are very alarmed about it. Hence they want the politboru holder for economic decline development to be replaced. But some on the borough believe that she is doing a good job in turning the town centre into a run down ruinous mess to make people more inclined to vote Labour, while others think that the policy of decline is encouraging people to vote Conservative.

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One Response to Ipswich Labour at War!

  1. Jim T says:

    They are not all stupid then.

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