Why does Labour use Poverty as a Weapon?

One of the most callous and cruel things about Labour, is the way they weaponise poverty. The last Labour government callously created a benefit dependent underclass so they could tell them that they must vote Labour to keep the benefits they cruelly made them dependent on. Labour support poverty for purely ideological reasons because they believe that it is best for people to be dependent on the government so they can threaten them with benefit cuts if they don’t vote Labour.

Ipswich Labour support poverty so much that Labour councillors on the South West Area committee denied a funding request from the Ipswich Foundation Years project. The Ipswich Foundation Years project is an early intervention project based at the Avenue Theatre Gippeswyk Avenue, supporting children and Families in Gipping, Bridge, Stoke Park and Sprites Wards. The project addresses the problem that children from poorer backgrounds arrive at school with lower levels of language/cognition, and daily living skills, and self-control. These factors mean poorer children do less well academically and this disadvantage continues throughout school. The project aims to encourage parent’s involvement in their child’s early learning and development because the quality of a child’s home learning environment is the most important factor in whether a child is developmentally ready for school. But Ipswich Labour support intergenerational poverty because they believe it protects a vote bank of theirs.

Labour get great pleasure out of causing hardship to some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in society. Hence Ipswich Labour keep increasing council house rents at nearly double the rate of inflation. Ipswich Labour love to inflict hardship on people by putting up council tax every year too. The thing they enjoy most about these callous actions is blaming the Tories for it. The Labour party is so nasty.

During the General Election Campaign, people on benefits in Ipswich were sought out and told that they must vote Labour because they are on benefits. How horrible and nasty of Labour trying to bully the vulnerable in to voting for them! How disgusting!

In todays Morning Ipswich Star, Ipswich Labour’s soundly beaten General election candidate is using poverty as a weapon again. It is a depressing article full of debunked, anti-Tory clichés. Ellesmere claims that the government is changing the definition of poverty to fiddle figures. It insinuates that Tories would have children up chimneys. I would have thought that such nonsense would be beyond the nausea inducing Ellesmere, but alas, he is resorting to college refectory politics. Sorry to burst your cliché ridden bubble David, but the Climbing Boys Act, banning children from going up chimneys was a Tory Act.

Also, we can glean from the article that he believes everybody should be entitled to a big plasma screen TV.

The Conservative s want to deal with the causes of poverty like unemployment, family breakdown, drug addiction and poor education. Obviously Labour don’t want such things dealt with because if they were, we’d have less poverty and Labour like poverty because they like exploiting the poor.

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3 Responses to Why does Labour use Poverty as a Weapon?

  1. Katie Spearman says:

    I am beginning to understand why you hate Labour so much.

  2. Jim T says:

    It’s terrible how Labour exploit the vulnerable.

  3. Julie says:

    One of my friends was told by a Labour canvassor that because she is on benefits she must vote Labour. How horrible. Labour are such horrible evil people.

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