Guest post by James Harding

Many people submit guest posts to this blog apart from members of Ipswich Labour. Members of Ipswich Labour do not submit articles to this blog, not because they don’t want to because some of them do want to, but because, hilariously, they have all been ordered not to submit guest posts on here. Naturally, local Conservatives are under no such dictatorial orders. Hence local Conservative activist James Harding has this rather amusing guest post for us all.

Why UKIP Don’t Deserve More Peers.

I read a very interesting article about how UKIP and the Greens have joined forces to get more Peers in the House Of Lords. I wanted to find out why. So I decided to call them to find out.

I was put through to someone called Margaret. I informed her of the article I had read and I asked whether she agreed that UKIP deserved more Peers. She told me she did agree.

My Next question asked her why.

She replied “UKIP got four million votes and I think we should get Lords to stand up against Europe and Immigration.”

I asked “Do you know what the House of Lords is for?” She was slightly taken aback by this question. However she responded with “It’s about the Parliament. It’s for standing up and representing the issues for the people.”

I replied “People receive peerages because of Community work and Public Service. People receive Peerages because of their qualities and specific interests so they can properly scrutinise each bill. Can you actually think of any UKIP members who deserve a peerage because of Community work of Public Service?”

Margaret, baffled by this answer, told me I raised a good point however she continued “On the other hand we still deserve to be represented”.

I did say that if UKIP wanted to be in Parliament it should be elected. I asked her “How many MPs do you actually have?” She told me just the one but UKIP had four million votes and lots of councillors.

I asked her why this meant she needed Peers. She then swiftly ended the conversation by telling me I didn’t know what I was talking about and hung up.

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