Full Council Meeting Report

At yesterdays full council meeting we found out how precarious David Ellesmere’s leadership is. I was expecting him not to be so arrogant and pompous after getting trounced in the General Election, but sadly, last night he was more arrogant, pompous, rude and abusive than ever.

Due to being politically bankrupt, Ellesmere resorted to very unpleasant, personal attacks on various Tories.

There was a particularly nasty personal attack against councillor Phillips. The lame duck claimed that councillor Phillips didn’t understand finances and that it was worrying that he worked for a firm involved in finances. Obviously, if Ellesmere had to resort to such a vicious personal attack, it is clear that he has no political argument left. But we knew that anyway didn’t we?

There was also an attack on councillor Carnall. He claimed that when Councillor Carnall was in charge of finance, the borough lost a lot of money. Councillor Carnall responded by mentioning financial hindsight and said that he would like to acknowledge the hindsight of the Ipswich electorate.

It all seemed so nasty what Ellesmere was doing through the meeting but a lot of it wasn’t really attacking the Tories but merely defending his borough leadership after his general election defeat. He is yesterday’s news. He is a lame duck and everybody knows it. A number of members of Ipswich Labour want him gone and he is resorting to personal attacks on Tories to curry favour amongst the comrades, to hold on to his untenable position.

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