Ipswich Labour make me feel ill

This is the first year of my life I have ever suffered from hay fever and believe it or not, it’s Ipswich Labour’s fault.

A lot of people in Ipswich have been suffering from hay fever for the first time over the last three or four years because our lousy Labour council would rather cut bus services than cut the grass.

There is an increase in grass pollen due to the council not cutting the grass as part of their biodiversity squit. You see, they have this strange idea that if they don’t cut the grass in large areas of our parks that only have one species of grass in them, a meadow culture will develop out of nothing. All they are doing is allowing ragwort to colonise areas and have hay fever sufferers inflicted with misery.

I can understand leaving areas of Chantry Park uncut but leaving it to grow long in Gippeswyk Park is just silly.

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3 Responses to Ipswich Labour make me feel ill

  1. Ben Redsell says:

    You mean the policy introduced in 2010, when the Tories were leading the council?

  2. Ben Redsell says:

    My apologies Kevin, I was convinced that it was introduced earlier than it was. You, of course, are right, the saving of £19,500 was introduced by Bryony Rudkin in August 2011 for consultation, and subsequently approved by Executive. Some 35 hectares of parkland were earmarked to return to long grass, scrubland, and in places woodland. That is, of course, less than 10% of the council’s parklands.


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