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The Lib Dems have elected Tim Farron as their leader. Apparently a lot of Lib Dems are most concerned about the fact that their new leader is a Christian.

Lib Dems are now an Insignificance

Lib Dems are now an Insignificance

This hasn’t stopped a local Lib Dem councillor claiming that a historical hardcore, evangelical was one of theirs.

Here on, Saint Margaret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dem, Andy Cann claims that William Wilberforce was a Liberal MP. This is false. William Wilberforce was in fact a Tory MP.

Why do Lib Dems love claiming what others have done was done by them? They spent five years claiming that taking the lowest earners out of tax was their idea and now everybody knows it was a Tory idea because we have taken even more low earners out of tax and the duplicitous vultures are no longer around to take credit.

We look forward to falsely claiming Shaftsbury was one of theirs too.

Staying with the local yellow peril, former Lib Dem councillor Ken Bates tweeted this

What the hell was that about?

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2 Responses to Lib Dem Focus

  1. Ben Redsell says:

    William Hague’s biography of William Wilberforce tags him as an Independent, taking no whip from either the Tories or the Whigs. He supported each according to his whim at the time.

    Both the Tories & the Liberal Party (not the Lib Dems) have a claim on his support.

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