Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader

Jeremy Corbyn is going to be the next Labour leader. The party members who knock on doors and deliver leaflets support him and the parliamentary party is in disarray. Even when it is obvious that the Tories are delighted with the idea of Jeremy Corbyn being leader, Labour’s grass roots members are deluded into thinking that it is a bluff and that we are terrified of him. They have even had Tony Blair speak against him being leader and this has encouraged the grass roots members to support him even more. Labour are in total disarray and openly at war with each other. It is getting funnier by the minute and it’s going to go on until September. I just hope I don’t run out of popcorn.

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One Response to Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader

  1. Patricia Freeman says:

    It’s bizarre. The Labour Party use the Alternative Vote system to elect their leader which means everyone can vote for all the candidates. The reason the UK electorate rejected this system for UK parliamentary elections in 2011 was because the 2nd or 3rd most popular person/party in the first round could end up being elected once the votes of the people who have voted for the no-hopers have been re-counted.
    If parts of the Labour party put forward Comrade Corbyn to deflect votes away from the right, then they’ve completely terrified that they have shot themselves in the Michael, and could end up with a Foot.

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