At risk of flogging for ‘indecent dress’

Last month, a group of young women were rounded up outside their church and arrested for ‘indecent dress’. They face flogging and fines if they’re found guilty. Their crime? Wearing skirts and trousers.

Sudan’s murky anti-women laws continue to discriminate, as the morality police pick and choose who does or doesn’t abide by their rules.

Ten Christian students, all women aged 17 – 23, have been charged with ‘indecent dress’ after they were arrested outside their church by Sudanese police last month. The women were wearing skirts and trousers.

Two of the women have already been found guilty and fined for their appearance. Five others have court hearings next week and could be sentenced to 40 lashes if found guilty.

Ask officials in Sudan to drop the charges here.

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