Ipswich Labour in Crisis

The author of the dRoss Blog has launched another couched attack on me on Twitter. I really think that those above him should order him to stop these couched attacks on their favourite blogger. I thought that when the author of the dRoss Blog launched couched attacks at me on Twitter, he didn’t link me in out of fear of losing an argument but I have since found out that isn’t the case. Ipswich Labour have such respect for their favourite blogger, that they are all under strict orders to not communicate with him on Twitter. The amount of orders they are under in regard to their favourite blogger is really quite amusing. Of course all these orders they are under do not stop their favourite blogger from obtaining interesting information about them.

We understand that Ipswich Labour is in even more disarray than the national Labour party is. Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger has been informed that Captain Mainwaring’s position is so precarious that he probably won’t be Labour group leader by next years council elections. This is of concern to local Conservatives due to David Ellesmere being such a great asset to them.

Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger has been informed that a leadership challenge is imminent and many who have been on the front bench since the Pre-Cambrian era are worried about becoming mere back bench lobby fodder. There are many on the Labour back benches who believe that the town would be better served with them as portfolio holders rather than the present fossils on the front bench. But as there are so many with big ego’s and ambitions to be portfolio holders, there is also infighting amongst the back benches with a number of them squabbling over who amongst them would be best to replace the dinosaurs.

Another thing that their favourite blogger has found out much to his amusement is that there still is people amongst the comrades of Ipswich Labour who believe that their favourite blogger should be approached and offered a safe Labour council seat. Amongst the comrades of Ipswich Labour, some still believe that their favourite blogger can be seduced by the dark side. As their favourite blogger intends to take a safe Labour seat away from Labour next May and he would rather put his hand in a hornets nest than join the Labour party, it is never going to happen.

We have been informed that amongst the Ipswich borough Labour group there is so much dissatisfaction with David Ellesmere’s leadership that when Labour Deputy leader candidate, Angela Eagle, came to Ipswich to speak to the Ipswich Labour comrades, 28 out of the 31 councillors didn’t bother to show up. Angela Eagle claimed that Captain Mainwaring was an excellent candidate but Labour didn’t say what people wanted to hear. Of course the people of Ipswich don’t want to hear about council tax rises, council house rent rises, anti business policies, the waste of council tax payers money on vanity property speculations and the constant blaming of the Tories for Labour’s incompetentance. So Angela Eagle was right on this occasion.

People being bored by Angela Eagle in Ipswich

People being bored by Angela Eagle in Ipswich

As you can see by the photograph, 28 Labour councillors are absent.

As you can see, only one Labour County Councillor was there. This is because Labour county councillors and Labour borough councillors are at war with each other. Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger has been informed that County Councillors for Labour are not happy with the way Captain Mainwaring is ruining the borough. After running the county council under the Dame’s leadership, the county councillors for Labour appear to find Ellesmere’s pompous, sense of self importance really pathetic.

Ipswich Labour are making such a mess when it comes to economic development that local businesses go to the county Tories for help. Naturally, the county councillors for Labour are aware of this and are very alarmed about it. Hence they want the politboru holder for economic decline development to be replaced. But some on the borough believe that she is doing a good job in turning the town centre into a run down ruinous mess to make people more inclined to vote Labour, while others think that the policy of decline is encouraging people to vote Conservative.

While certain members of Ipswich Labour will no doubt continue to put on a brave face within cyberspace, intelligence sources inform us that Ipswich Labour are in total disarray and all hate each other.

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1 Response to Ipswich Labour in Crisis

  1. Katie Spearman says:

    It is good for Ipswich that Ipswich Labour are in such a mess. Let’s hope they lose control of the council next May.

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