Typical Alasdair

There is a new hashtag on Twitter. #TypicalAlasdair We understand that Alasdair doesn’t like it very much and no doubt, in typical Alasdair Ross fashion he shall be blogging about how nasty the people who are using it are.

Alasdair’s latest typical squit is here.

Some might have expected an apology from certain Ipswich Tories as they were always quick to go to print and tell anyone who would listen that we planned to build council houses on the site, but I never expected the ;likes of Judy Terry, Kevin Algar or Eddie Phillips to apologise.

The reason the pavilion is being built is because the Tories exposed Ipswich Labour’s plans to build houses on the site but typical Alasdair is claiming the Tories were lying when in fact the Tories saved the sports club.

Also on Tuesday, we have another Deputy Labour Leader candidate coming to Ipswich to speak to members and supporters, it will give at least one Ipswich Tory activist another opportunity to put numerous lies in his blog. Last week for the visit of Angela Eagle he informed his readers how many Labour councillors attended the event and even used a photograph as evidence, trouble was there were more councillors in the photo that he counted!

Typical Alasdair is not being truthful. A number of us counted the number of councillors on the photo a number of times to make sure we had the right number including Alasdair who took the photo. I don’t think anybody would show up to hear Ben Bradshaw. Apparently it was packed in Norwich when Labour’s next leader was speaking.

Ipswich Tories were out in Rushmere Ward on Saturday, not that I or my neighbours received a leaflet but rumour has it Mr Gummer was asking for residents views on the town centre, thought it may be a bit late to ask as he has nailed his support to the Ipswich Central Plan – and rubbished the plans of the Borough Council – what now if residents do not agree with that Ipswich Central Plan?

Alasdair is being typically disingenuous here. Yes, Tories were in Rushmere Ward on Saturday. They were delivering a thank you leaflet. No doubt Ben Gummer talked to residents about a lot of things. You see, we Tories listen to the public to hear what they think, unlike Labour who tell the public what they think.

So Alasdair Ross is lying again. Typical Alasdair!

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