Ipswich Lib Dems Scammed by Labour?

Yesterday Ipswich Labour tweeted this.

Now a lot of people don’t realise this but after you’ve paid the £3 if you are disqualified from the leadership vote the Labour Party keeps the money. Labour did this to have lots of people pay £3 for nothing. It’s just a big money making scam by the unscrupulous, dishonest, rotten Labour party.

Now obviously we don’t know if any Ipswich Lib Dems fell for Labour’s money making scam based on the tweet because Ipswich Labour are a bunch of liars, but if it’s true, I’d be surprised Labour would be organised enough to work out who is paying the money. This is because during the election campaign, the Labour party Emailed me asking me if I wanted some Labour window posters and naturally I said yes, so I could put them in the blue bin. They sent me the window posters.

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