The Rancid Corbynites

Now though I disagree with Jeremy Corbyn on virtually everything, I do believe that he is a man of principle. This can not be said about some of his so called rancid supporters.

Now, Ipswich Labour councillor, Alasdair Ross has said that he will not be voting for Jeremy Corbyn. People who went out and voted Green three months ago and have now signed up to vote for Jeremy Corbyn are calling the likes of Alasdair Ross, Tories. The fact that Alasdair has devoted a large part to his life campaigning for the Labour Party while these imbeciles have done nothing for anybody, is of no interest to them. They are calling Liz Kendal a Tory bitch, they are calling Andy Burnham a Tory.

My views on Andy Burnham and his residing over the Mid Staffs NHS death factory are well known but these militant, hard left lunatics calling him a Tory is just ridiculous.

But it’s worse than that. The Corbynites want an ideologically pure Labour Party and talk of Corbyn winning the leadership election and starting the ideological purification of the Labour Party. They want all ‘tories’ purged from Labour. So they want people who do not vote for Corbyn to be kicked out of the Labour Party. Remember a lot of these rancid individuals voted Green last May.

By allowing people to vote in their leadership election for £3.00, the Labour Party has let the militant, hard left, Trotskyites back in and may have destroyed the Labour Party. They thought they could make a few quid out of the election and their obsession with making money may have destroyed them.

Now as a member of the Conservative Party, I have a grudging respect for hard working members of the Labour Party. But I have no respect whatsoever for those SWP, British Communist Party, ideologically obsessed, extreme left militants who have recently joined the party and show so much guile towards long-standing Labour activists who occasionally talk sense.

Many of Jeremy Corbyns supporters are extremely unpleasant people.

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