Typical Alasdair

A few days ago Alasdair tweeted this

Now the fact that there is no evidence that IDS was involved doesn’t stop him being mentioned. Now often when when we catch Labour out when they lie, Alasdair cries foul, yet he calls us liars. Typical Labour hypocrisy!

He also tweeted this

Here Alasdair is calling for something his party locally says is to expensive. So he is being typical Alasdair by being disingenuous.

On the latest post on the dRoss blog, Alasdair talks about the Sky Ride. He said that the local paper quoted a couple from Colchester who wished their home town had an event like this. He then claims it couldn’t happen without the Labour council. This is Typical Alasdair typically political point scoring when there is no points to score. Mentioning the couple from Colchester reminded me of this years Ipswich Beer Festival which was held at the home of the Pride of East Anglia. We had people coming down from Mustard City and saying it was one of the best beer festivals they had ever been to and that their local football club hasn’t got the facilities to host such an event at their inferior ground. As I reported here.

Ipswich Borough council also organise the Maritime Festival. Lot’s of people were wondering why there was no beer festival there this year. This is because Ipswich Borough Council couldn’t organise the proverbial. Instead of locally produced ales, people had to buy fizz from a portable bar that the council had hired from Manchester. Furthermore, Ipswich Labour’s organisation of the maritime festival is such that, next year one isn’t going to take place. But typical Alasdair won’t mention any of this.

To think that he can’t even go on a cycle ride without thinking up some way of political point scoring from it is ridiculous but then that’s just, Typical Alasdair.

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