The moral Bankruptcy of the Left

Shortly after Ipswich Labour put up council tax a number of Ipswich council tax payers died. All the council tax payers that died had one thing in common. They all had their council tax put up. As the correlation is so clear, then obviously Ipswich Labour caused the deaths of council tax payers in Ipswich. Ipswich Labour put up council house rent and after the rent was increased a number of council tenants died. This shows how vindictive the rent hike was. Now obviously, I am sounding factious for effect.

Now certain people on the left are claiming that 2300 people died after they were declared fit for work because they were declared fit for work. The figure would be expected for any group of people over that period of time. They would have died anyway. It is also quite a bit below the figure of 10,000 that they were bandying about.

Also, ATOS are an awful company and any party in government who would give a contract to them should apologise. The party in government that gave ATOS the contract was Labour.

Using people’s deaths in this way shows the moral bankruptcy of the left. The left fiddle the figures to make the data produce a correlation and then claim the correlation is a causation. It is a most ingenious way of producing lies.

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