Take a Stand Against Forced Marriage

Every year forced marriage sentences millions of women and young children to a life in slavery. It’s a crime that’s widespread, but rarely spoken about – a crime that flourishes in the shadows of society. The UN says that forced marriage is likely to increase in the coming years unless major changes occur.1

Due to stigma and lack of awareness about forced marriages, many people do not report cases of forced marriages. We can help ensure that people at risk and their families know that forced marriage happens, forced marriage is illegal and activists around the world are taking a stand to end the practice forever.

Every two seconds, a child becomes a victim of forced marriage,2 and that figure doesn’t even include the estimated thousands of victims over the age of 18.
One in three girls living in developing countries will probably be married before the age of 18.
Forced marriage is considered a ‘practice similar to slavery’ and was made illegal in international law nearly 60 years ago.3

We can speak up for the victims of forced marriage who can’t speak for themselves, and urge world leaders to look within their own backyards, making sure provisions are in place to protect those at risk.

Take action here.

3 http://www.unfpa.org/webdav/site/global/shared/documents/publications/2012/MarryingTooYoung.pdf

2 http://www.plan-uk.org/early-and-forced-marriage/

1 http://www.antislavery.org.au/resources/fact-sheets/97-fact-sheet-5-what-is-forced-marriage.html

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