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Suffolk Agricultural Association Autumn Horse Show

Gotelee Solicitors, have been confirmed as the principal sponsor of the Association’s first Autumn Horse Show which takes place in just over two weeks. The organising team are pleased to report there has been huge support for the event from … Continue reading

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Theft in Elliott Street

Police are appealing for witnesses after a mobile phone was reported stolen by a man walking along Elliott Street near to the junction of London Road. Police were contacted at around 8.15pm-8.20pm on Friday 21 August by the victim who … Continue reading

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Why the Left Oppose ‘Austerity’

The left are against austerity for purely ideological reasons. Their ideology is against capitalism so they want the country to live beyond it’s means and end up heavily in debt and with a bigger deficit until we can’t borrow any … Continue reading

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Ipswich Labour Speculate about their favourite blogger

Because Ipswich Labour have blocked me from their Twitter account due to not liking me exposing all the lies they tweet, I don’t keep up to date with it as often as I would like. They also like to be … Continue reading

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Labour Leadership Election. What is Really Happening.

Ipswich for Jeremy Corbyn last night had an activists meeting. Here is a picture of it. Now as you can see only 24 people there, we must presume that the other 26430 local supporters are off camera or we must … Continue reading

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Corbyn and Livingstone Expalin why they lost the election

Labour were sure they were going to win the election and yet they suffered a catastrophic defeat. Ken Livingstone and Jeremy Corbyn are convinced it was because they were to right wing and here they explain

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Typical Alasdair

A few days ago Alasdair tweeted this You couldn't make it up! Well you maybe couldn't but the DWP, IDS and the Tories did – liars! — Alasdair Ross (@AlasdairRoss) August 18, 2015 Now the fact that there is no … Continue reading

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