David Cameron pledges to act on ‘shocking’ issue of trafficking of Vietnamese children

Speaking in Hanoi on a recent diplomatic visit to Vietnam, David Cameron condemnded the exploitation of Vietnamese children by human traffickers, and promised to take action to end trade in human beings from Vietnam to the United Kingdom. Organised criminal networks recruit and transport Vietnamese nationals, especially children, to the United Kingdom and subject them to forced labour on cannabis farms. They are lured with promises of lucrative jobs and compelled into servitude through debt and bondage.

A number of organisations have stated that further measures are required to combat this issue. In the past children freed from cannabis farms have often been placed in care only to go missing within a matter of days. They often return to their traffickers because they are terrified of the threats that have been made against them.

Barnado’s have introduced Child Advocates. A pilot project underway in 23 local authorities that provides children with “someone they can trust” to break the cycle of trafficking. More about that here.

Mr Cameron also promised to make it compulsory for companies with turnovers of over £36m to reveal what action they have taken to ensure that their supply chain does not use child or slave labour.

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