Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘leadership’ so far.

After Comrade Corbyn became the leader of the Labour party, an Email was sent out to Labour Party members and supporters and as per usual, the Labour party sent me one.

It started

It is a deep honour to be elected as the Labour Party’s new Leader. The honour is not about holding office — it is about the opportunity to serve you in the fight to get a better government for our country.

Yes, Jeremy Corbyn is going to serve the Conservative party well.

It ended with

The Labour Party is the joint endeavour of each and every one of us that believe in fairness, equality and social justice. If you share these values then I want to use your talents to make us stronger, and I want to represent you.

So, help me be your representative. When I stand at the despatch box for Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, I want to be your voice.

What do you want to ask David Cameron? Tell me now and I will put your questions to him in parliament. My questions will be your questions.

I didn’t submit a question.

Now today Comrade Jez pretended to be asking questions by normal members of the public that are in fact Labour Party members and supporters.

“And this one’s from Pete in Derby. He’d like to know ‘What is the prime minister going to do about school places and could he have ‘Ever and Ever’ by Demis Roussos for his mum Vera’s birthday”.

“Susan would like to give a big shout out to her friend Jane who’s doing a parachute jump at the weekend! Does the Prime Minister agree that parachute jumping has decreased under his government & only when there is a return of a Labour administration poverty amongst parachuting instructors will be eradicated”..

The format works really well for David Cameron. The Prime Minister sounds assured and statesman like. The only real source people had of saying Cameron is arrogant was pmqs. He now just looks like a good sensible leader.

Tory Landslide 2020.

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One Response to Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘leadership’ so far.

  1. George Warren says:

    At the end of his 1st week, I am surprised he has not fallen over with dizziness. He has done so many u-turns and pretend watering down of his policies & long held beliefs, that no-one knows what he stands for anymore. All the lefties who joined the party to get him in, are probably wondering why they bothered wasting £3 on the bloke. A pint down the pub would have given a bit of longer satisfaction!
    At least when he does fall over, he will be in the correct starting position to joining the privy council.

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