Jeremy Corbyn is Bad for Palestinians

A number of supporters of Palestine paid three quid to help Jeremy Corbyn get elected due to his pro Palestinian stance. But Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership victory is bad for the Palestinian course. Jeremy Corbyn is an associate of terrorists and anti Semites. This means that due to Corbyn now being high profile, anybody who speaks up for Palestine is associated with a friend of terrorists and anti Semites.

The Corbynista left’s support for the Palestinians is not based on the real issues of Hafrada (apartheid), oppression and stolen land. The Corbynite view of the situation is based on an outdated view of capitalist exploitation, western imperialism and past geopolitical realities that are no longer relevant. This view leads them to condemn Israel for it’s treatment of the Palestinians, condemn Saudi Arabia for it’s human rights abuses and have Corbyn appear on Iranian state television and not say a word about Iranian human rights abuses. They speak against the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia but are silent about the treatment of women in Iran. They won’t say a word about the treatment of gay people in Russia but will speak against the Saudi’s.

They spoke against sanctions being put on Iraq because they affected the most vulnerable in Iraqi society, they are against sanctions being put on Iran for the same reasons. But they call for sanctions to be put on Israel as if sanctions would not affect the most vulnerable in Israeli society, namely, the Palestinians.

The inconstancies and the contradictions in the extreme left world view are clear for all to see. Because of this, the left wing argument for Palestinian self determination is weak.

Because of the Corbynites support for the IRA and the Corbynista’s hatred of America, whatever they say about the situation in Israeli occupied Palestine could not be taken seriously. They base their views on a hatred of the west and a fetish of national flagellation rather than on the wrongness of the injustices being committed by Israel.

I will continue to speak against the Israeli apartheid and theft of land and property.

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