Cyber Bullying and Ipswich Labour

This week Ipswich Labour have been indulging in cyber bullying. It has been initially lead by a certain Labour councillor, who has been bullying a young Tory activist both on Twitter and on his puerile blog. This has come about due to the Labour councillor concerned being rather jarred off at being blocked by most of us Tory activists on Twitter.

The Labour councillor concerned claimed that the young activist left a nasty taste in his mouth. The barrage towards the young Tory activist got to the point where I decided to Email a couple of prominent Labour councillors asking them to get the offending Labour councillor to stop. I was both flabbergasted and angered by what happened next. The cyber bullying Labour councillor decided to bully even more and got a couple of other people to attack too. Such brave men attacking a 16 year old on their computers aren’t they?

It ended when the object of the attacks started blocking them on Twitter. No doubt the local nasty party is looking for a new victim.

Labour, the real nasty party.

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12 Responses to Cyber Bullying and Ipswich Labour

  1. Julie says:

    Ipswich Labour are so horrible. They bully everybody in every way. Such horrible people.

  2. Jim T says:

    Disgusting! They should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Kevin Algar says:

    Here’s an Email from a prominent Labour councillor to his favourite blogger.

    You might be better advised to look at some of the vile things you have blogged, and changing your behaviour.

    Ipswich Labour Party won’t tolerate cyber-bullying, but it is fair for people to defend themselves from ill-informed and malicious criticism.

    You could contribute to improving online behaviour by setting a better example yourself.

    What pompous, self righteous dribble.

  4. Katie Spearman says:


  5. Clair and John Newton says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Utterly disgraceful behaviour. Shameful that they hold anyone who disagrees with them in such contempt. We need the Conservatives to be running the council. With the help of Ben Gummer MP living in Ipswich has never been more exciting with the West docks, apprentiships, jobs and growth. This is continually undermined by Ipswich Labour and their dreadful running of the borough council.

    Labour resorting to cyber-bullying is just another example of the outrageous lows labour sink when they are in diassary.

    We need you on the council Kevin to sort things out!

    Keep up the good work, Clair.

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