The Gull Problem in Ipswich

NRM who manage the Compair Crecent development in Gipping ward have put up notices like this.


Similar signs have been put up in Aldeburgh and Felixstowe by local councils.

Unfortunately somebody in Norwich road has been feeding the flying water rats and a couple of people have been attacked by the vermin.

We are aware that gulls have moved into towns and cities in this country due to over fishing of our coastal waters due to the EU’s policy on fishing not allowing us to have control of our waters. The gull Issue is a result of a combination of depleted fish stocks and urban littering. We need to take control of our coastal waters and stop throwing uneaten food about.

Here on Ipswich Borough Council’s website , it says

Roof nesting Herring gulls and Lesser Black Backed gulls are becoming a growing concern in many towns and cities throughout the UK. Food is readily available, there are no natural predators and very little disturbance.

Gulls are noisy, they cause nuisance with the large amount of excrement they produce, build nests in gutters resulting in blockages and can become aggressive towards people, especially when they have young chicks.

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, culling of the gulls is only allowed by authorised personnel.

Unfortunately, the Council is not able to take any action, apart from advice, regarding nuisance caused by seagulls. Control by culling has proved unsuccessful in other areas because shortly after a cull the numbers have increased once again to the pre-cull position.

It is suggested that owners of buildings take whatever action they can to discourage the birds from taking up residence. The gulls usually start to congregate during March/April time – this is the only time when they may be discouraged by means of disturbance. Once they have started to build nests it is almost impossible to move them on.

The other cause of action is to carry out bird proofing works to the building. Advice would have to be obtained from specialist proofing contractors and these works can be very expensive. Details of companies who carry out this type of work can be found in the vermin control section of Yellow Pages and further information can be obtained via the internet.

I have been informed that over Ransomes way, gulls are attacking people all year round.

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