Haverhill Town Council tells ONE Haverhill to make meetings public – or we quit

ONE Haverhill has responded to a threat by Haverhill Town Council to withdraw from the partnership unless its board meetings are made public by saying it will review how it works with its partners.

The fact that ONE Haverhill, which works to change the things that need changing in the town by bringing a wide range of private and public sector partners and their budgets together, holds the meetings in private has been a bone of contention with the town council for some time.

On September 17 both Inspector Peter Ferrie and borough, county and town councillor Tony Brown resigned from the board after its members voted against opening up its meetings to the public.

The situation came to a head this week when the full town council passed a motion on Tuesday agreeing to withdraw from ONE Haverhill and cease offering its admin support unless the board holds open meetings.

In response to this, ONE Haverhill vice-chairman, St Edmundsbury Borough councillor Alaric Pugh said: “As I have recently stated, ONE Haverhill is a delivery partnership focused on projects for all of Haverhill – if it didn’t exist it would have to be invented.”

More here.

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