The Anti Democracy, Rancid Left


In Manchester today, the anti democracy, rancid left were protesting against the democratic will of the people. While they were about it, they let us all know how rancid they are.

A young man thought to be a Tory supporter just got egged outside the Conservative Party conference in Manchester.

The rancid ;lefyt have also been spitting on people.

Also a woman was threatened with rape. Here Guido reports,

A 21 year old woman attending Tory conference says that an anti-austerity protester threatened to rape her as she waited for a taxi outside the secure zone. The woman, a young Tory student who has asked Guido not to name her, tweeted from her private account:

“Been outside the secure zone an hour and been threatened 3 separate times for walking down a road. Had to get a taxi 5 minutes up because some guy was threatening to rape me.”

Speaking to Guido on condition of anonymity, the woman said:

“I was on Oxford Road, I’d been at an event in the Palace Hotel. I was waiting for a taxi. He came up to me, barked in my face (don’t know why) I told him to get f**ked, he continued to stare at me and lick his lips/make actions and said “I’ll shag you” and then walked up the road backwards staring at me and continuing to bark. He just looked a bit scruffy and he barked at me (no idea why) and then was making threatening sounds and actions. I’m 21, 5 foot 3. As you can imagine: scared. There are others who feel threatened. The girl who I’m sharing a room with ran home in tears because she felt that threatened walking home.”

They are Socialists who hate democracy and take every opportunity to show how much they hate it.

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One Response to The Anti Democracy, Rancid Left

  1. Clair and John Newton. says:

    There is one key difference between us and the left, they show there contempt for democracy through rioting and demonstrating. We issue our voice through the ballot box.

    Violence is always deplorable and the only people who will listen to there cries are the rancid left!

    Hope you are well,

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