Net migration into the UK currently stands at a record high, reaching 330,000 in the year to March. This is unsustainable. It is absolutely right that we reduce the numbers, while taking in the most vulnerable refugees from conflict zones around the world.

Theresa May was absolutely right when she said high migration made a cohesive society impossible. Such large numbers of certain groups have entered the UK that they keep amongst themselves and are not integrating. This is also putting a strain on public services. Britain does not need net migration at current levels and the net economic effect is close to zero.

Mass immigration forces wages down. This is why Labour support mass immigration. They want to keep ‘the working class’ under. The institute of directors are also against what Therese May said. I wonder why the institute of directors are complaining about her speech. Wouldn’t be because they like paying the low wages that mass immigration allows them to pay would it?

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One Response to Immigration

  1. Dave says:

    One has to question how mass immigration forces down wages? Isn’t that the responsibility of employers exploiting immigrants and seeing them as a cheap labour opportunity? And as you are so proud to declare the immigration figures, would you mind showing a bit of balance and publish the figures for the people that left the UK in the same period?

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