Intrigue and Dissension Amongst Ipswich Labour

Ipswich Labour’s Favourite blogger has been informed that late last night, David Ellesmere and his inner circle, sneaked into a pub and skulked upstairs to a private room, for a clandestine meeting.

Unfortunately due to the surreptitious nature of this particular assembly, we are unable to completely ascertain what it was about. The only things that are certain are that they did not want this meeting to be made public and that Ipswich Labour are in disarray. It is clear that Ipswich Labour are in disarray, because if you are going to have a secret meeting, a pub is definitely not the best place to have it.

So, what was this cloak and dagger gathering about? Was this a covert meeting of the executive to discuss how they plan to ruin Ipswich or was it something even more sinister? There is much speculation going on about the true nature of this hush hush get together. One theory is that it was a gathering of Ellesmere’s closest allies to discuss how they are going to stave off the inevitable leadership challenge, due to his message being rejected by the people of Ipswich making him a lame duck leader.

We understand that Ipswich Labour are more at war with each other now than ever before. Not only is their dissension about the buying of the sugar beet site, dissension over the portfolio holder for economic decline development, dissension between Labour county councillors and Labour borough councillors and dissension between those who believe turning Ipswich into a run down ruinous mess is encouraging people to vote Labour and those who believe turning Ipswich into a run down ruinous mess is encouraging people to vote Conservative. But now their is another bone of contention between them. That is of course, Jeremy Corbyn. We have been informed that amongst the comrades of Ipswich Labour, war has broken out between the ‘Loony Left’ and the ‘Red Tories’

How will the melt down of the Labour party pan out in Ipswich? Will Tories like Alasdair Ross and Bryony Rudkin be purged from the party or will the Corbynistas lose? One thing is for certain. Ipswich Labour are going to get hammered in next May’s council elections. The animosity between members of Ipswich Labour is so bad at present that a certain Labour councillor has been launching vitriolic attacks and malicious lies about Ipswich Conservatives via his blog and his Twitter account to cover up the fact that Ipswich Labour are in disarray.

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