Inequality within Ipswich Labour

Labour keep telling us about their new members but their new members are treated like second class comrades. Intelligence sources inform us that to be a Labour council candidate in Ipswich, you have to be a Labour member for six months. So much for equality.

The Ipswich Labour council candidate selection is taking place this Saturday and none of the new members can apply to be council candidates.

Why is their a lack of equality and why is their unfairness in the selection process? Speculation exists that the ‘Red Tories’ are doing all they can to keep the ‘Loony Left’ out. Is “Would you have abstained or voted to ruin our economy?” one of the questions prospective candidates will be asked?

New Labour members can do all the things any political activist does, but when it comes to candidacy, Ipswich Labour clealy operate a policy of ‘jobs for the boys.’

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2 Responses to Inequality within Ipswich Labour

  1. Ben Redsell says:

    You know there is a similar rule within the Tory party right? Three months before you get full voting rights? Am told Labour’s rule is 10 years old, and was a reduction from 12 months to 6 months membership.

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