SWP Launch Labour Party Takeover Plan

The SWP are planning a full take over of the Labour Party. Here mad Marxist and  Ipswich Labour member, Andrew Coates explains.

Socialist Worker announces.

Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have launched a new initiative to galvanise the enthusiasm generated during his leadership campaign.

blah blah blah

Momentum’s call to mobilise those people to be active in their localities with others on the left can help that political mood. And it can feed into strengthening working class organisation.

Socialists in and outside Labour should support it.

The last sentence is SWP-speak for “SWP members to join Momentum”.

There’s a lot more on Comrade Coates’ blog but I shan’t bore you with it.

Basically Momentum is another pseudonym for the SWP.

So, the loony left are taking over the Labour party, making them unelectable for at least a generation. The revenge of Militant!

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