The Return of Militant Continues in East Anglia

As I said here, the loony left have launched a plan to take over the Labour party. The setting up of Momentum is a case of Militant rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the melt down due to Labour deciding to destroy itself.

East Anglia’s Premier political Blogger has been informed that the new chairman of North Norfolk Labour Party is a Corbynista and a member of Militant Momentum. She has pledged to bring Jezbollah’s “new politics” to Norfolk, uniting the local party’s membership.

Just to let the people of North Norfolk know how out of touch with a lot of them Labour are, the speaker at North Norfolk Labour Party’s Christmas meal will be Kerry McCarthy, shadow secretary of state for the Eradication of Farming and Rural Affairs. She actually wrote an article saying that meat eaters should be treated like smokers

We also understand that in South Suffolk, the Labour Party chairman Luke Cresswell, the former parliamentary candidate, Jane Basham and the extremely unpleasant, Angela Wiltshire, are all Corbynista’s.

Another thing we know about is that the members Militant Momentum in East Anglia are very happy that their dear security threatening, terrorist sympathising, Britain hater is going to be speaking at the East Of England Labour conference.

In Ipswich the Corbynista faction is at war with other comrades.

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