More intrigue and infighting amongst Ipswich Labour

East Anglia’s Premier Political Blog has been informed that Ipswich Labour leader, David Ellesmere is contesting the Labour nomination for the Police and Crime Commissioner. We have heard two stories in regard to Captain Mainwaring’s nomination. One story is that this is to safeguard him from a future Leadership challenge. The other story is that they are offering the candidacy for Police and Crime Commissioner so he goes quietly. However, people who think that Napoleon will go quietly don’t understand Mr Ellesmere or his born to rule mentality.

We understand that there are two main factions amongst Ipswich Labour. They are the camps of Ellesmere and Rudkin. We understand that some of Bryony’s camp want her to mount a leadership challenge as soon as possible, while others want her to wait until Ipswich Labour have lost a few seats in May. Of course if Ellesmere loses his seat to Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger, the vacancy will arise then anyway.

We are sure that whatever happens, the intrigue and infighting amongst Ipswich Labour’s comrades shall continue to amuse us.

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One Response to More intrigue and infighting amongst Ipswich Labour

  1. Anonymous says:

    During the election that horrible Ellesmere man told me that because I was on benefits I had to vote Labour. How did he know I was on benefits? I was so pissed off I voted for Ben.

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