The Corbyn Bounce Continues.

Dedham & Langham (Colchester) result:
CON – 77.9% (+6.6)
UKIP – 8.6% (+8.6)
LDEM – 8.1% (-1.5)
LAB – 5.4% (-4.3)

Conservative Hold.

Tottington (Bury) result:
CON – 52.2% (+14.0)
LAB – 30.9% (-10.5)
UKIP – 9.9% (-5.1)
LDEM – 4.3% (-1.0)
GRN – 2.7% (+2.7)

Conservative Gain from Labour

Obviously under Corbyn, Labour are not left wing enough.


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2 Responses to The Corbyn Bounce Continues.

  1. Clair and John Newton. says:

    Great to hear, Kevin. Also good to see Labour receive just 38 votes and come last, too. Very pleasing and encouraging. If they can achieve that in Greater Manchester, you can achieve that in Gipping ward. Clair.

  2. Jim P says:

    A good result possibly after the hard working people of Tottington saw that the Conservative Party conference in the centre of Manchester putting working people first. Whilst the non-working protesters outside living in tents and playing with their i-pads in Costa Coffee at lunchtime attempting to intimidate the delegates, and leaving their trash and flags on the pavements as they left, was enough to put anyone off voting Labour. The fact that the previous Labour councillor had to resign after being found guilty of serious offences did not help his former party’s cause.

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