Ipswich Labour are Hypocritical Liars

In response to an Email about cyber bullying by a Labour member I got this Email from Ipswich Labour’s agent.

You might be better advised to look at some of the vile things you have blogged, and changing your behaviour.

Ipswich Labour Party won’t tolerate cyber-bullying, but it is fair for people to defend themselves from ill-informed and malicious criticism.

You could contribute to improving online behaviour by setting a better example yourself.

So Ipswich Labour consider the truth to be vile do they?

As for ill-informed and malicious criticism, Ipswich Labour find nothing wrong with the constant disingenuous statements, embellishment of the truth and outright lies, so often written against Ben Gummer, Nadia Cenci and various other Tory activists on the dRoss Blog.

Nadia Cenci has never said that she does not believe there is any poverty in the UK. Alasdair Ross is writing outright lies.

The thing is, the longer Ipswich Labour keep lying the more people realise that they are liars. Nobody has forgotten their lies about library closures and nobody has forgotten the fact that no libraries closed.

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3 Responses to Ipswich Labour are Hypocritical Liars

  1. Katie Spearman says:

    Well said. Does anybody actually read the rubbish Ross writes though?

  2. Kevin Algar says:

    Yes but only if I am very bored.

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