Suffolk Labour Short of Members.

The Labour Party in Suffolk isn’t doing very well membership-wise. The Corbyn bounce they speak of doesn’t amount to anything on the ground. As a matter of fact, intelligence sources inform us that the stuffing of envelopes for campaigning in Bury Saint Edmund’s is being done at Silent Street in Ipswich We understand that despite all the hype, Labour Party members are still as rare as white crows in the Cradle of the Law.

The few Labour activists in Suffolk are putting on a brave face due to Militant’s Momentum’s plan to purge the party of Red Tories and those who are not ideologically bonkers pure enough.

We know that most long-standing Labour members disagree with the present security threatening, terrorist sympathising, Britain hating ideology of those who now control the Labour Party in the guise of Militant Momentum. Though they will not say anything out of fear of being purged. So they have resigned themselves to indulging in hypocrisy.

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2 Responses to Suffolk Labour Short of Members.

  1. Katie Spearman says:

    Yes, Bury is indeed a Jewel In The Crown of Suffolk.

  2. Ben Redsell says:

    Bury St Edmunds is a lovely place. But without the powerhouse of our county’s economy, Ipswich, Bury would be a much poorer place…

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