Labour want Poverty to be Forever

David Cameron said he would not cut child tax credits and he hasn’t. He wants to cut working tax credits. But Labour are pretending that working tax credits and child tax credits are the same thing. Labour are being disingenuous as per usual.

Skilled workers get paid more because there’s less of them. Historically unskilled workers have been paid more when there is less of them. As the black death put unskilled wages up, Labour’s open door immigration policies put wages down. Wages ended up being so pathetic that people needed in work tax credits. Labour thought this was good because it created a culture of dependence on the nanny state. The Conservatives are now attempting to sort out the mess Labour created. Labour’s policies of creating state dependence weakened British society, so now society is weak. Labour wouldn’t have dared introduced the smoking ban during their first term. Society had to be sufficiently weakened first. Now the Conservatives are trying to empower people too strengthen society.

Labour support no borders leading to dependence on the state. These policies increase relative poverty and poverty is most often the socialists weapon of choice.

So instead of subsidising big business by topping up wages with state handouts and keeping wages low by open door immigration, the Conservatives want to reduce immigration, bring in a national living wage and phase out tax credits. Naturally, Labour are horrified at this because they want a weak society that is dependant on the state.

That said, the proposed tax credit cuts may cause hardship in the short term. This is because Labour designed the system to be irreversible so that people would be locked in poverty and state dependence forever.

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One Response to Labour want Poverty to be Forever

  1. Patricia Freeman says:

    That woman who cried those false tears on Question Time who won’t even be affected the changes to tax credits has caused this constitutional crisis between the Lords and the Commons.

    The elected government must not be held to ransom again by the Lords, so a rapid change in parliamentary procedures is essential.

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