Cambridge Labour Junk Mail

Cambridge Labour have been delivering junk mail in the city’s Petersfield ward. A copy of which has been obtained by East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger.

There is a bit about the Sturton Street Chapel being sold to Cambridge Islamic college and a bit about the future renovation of the Bath House Play Space. There is also a bit about Jeremy Corbyn and a bit about how Labour welcomes economic migrants ‘refugees’ from the Middle East.

As is to be expected with Labour leaflets, there is lots of negative, anti Tory nonsense. It claims that the Tories are cutting council houses. The truth is that more council houses have been built since 2010 than were built between 1997 and 2010. As a matter of fact, when the Conservative/Lib Dem administration of Ipswich wanted to build more council houses, the then Labour government wouldn’t allow them.

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